Medical Billing

Cybex Solutions medical billing service is an ultimate facility and an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution. Over the years of medical billing experience, we garnered respect and trust in taking your billing operations forward. Our team is well-equipped with advanced technology and operational excellence. Whether you are a multi-specialty group or a solo practice, here we are to offer superb medical billing services. 

Do You Love Your Billing Company_

How do we work?

You need a systematic system to handle entire billing operations. This ensures that more than 90% of our claims get accepted and paid on the first submission. Moreover, it helps you collect much faster. We are a team of professional staff to perform and logically handle billing glitches. For instance, 

Claim conception

Quick submission

Insistent follow-up

Denunciate management appeals

Payment posting

Timely reporting

Constantly guide staff

Quick system to collect faster_

Our system is knowledge-based that is constantly updated: which automatically detects claim issues before submission. We efficiently streamline medical billing service, for instance


Billing snags switches to the sophistication_


Our system is knowledge-based that is constantly updated: which automatically detects claim issues before submission. 

  • Streamline the entire workflow; from eligibility verification to co-pay collection
  • Eliminate revenue leakages
  • Optimize revenue by increasing collections and reducing A/R days and denials
  • Dispatch of patient statements
  • A visible and transparent system of billing operations

Top-notch Service_

We let you mint coins

Perks of our billing service at no additional cost:

Least disruption_

We are a sophisticated system to offer medical billing service working on dual modes of personal attention and an automated billing system to ensure the least disruption. It would eventually enhance your collections and speaks loud in sale volumes.

Cost Reduction

Enthused to offer an automated solution! Your company requires advanced software to offer a comprehensive way out at an affordable price. This system leaves no space for any human hiring and it can impact your bottom line.

Visible performance

Revenue collection is a shrilling and high-pitched indicator of service performance. We let you watch the excellent performance of an automated billing service. At the time of your check-in time, benefits of insurance eligibility are automatically validated.

Easy payment plan

Ease beyond your expectations! An absolutely easy and simple collection of self-pay and co-pay · You can collect via credit card or other payment types; the choice is yours just enjoy the sheer relaxation of an easy payment plan.

An inside story of our medical billing software

The inside scoop of our medical billing software goes as Pre-formatted reports to show and display your practice performance, highlighting the areas for improvement · Customized reports to spot performance initiatives · Cost-effective, and painless experience.

Time to forget the worries of medical billing, take a startup with Cybex Solution_

Our specialized team adjusts to your software strategy

The pain of medical billing is over. We offer you the opportunity for a regulatory change that can threaten your bottom line. Undoubtedly, it is a new practice and requires time to come up with a decision to invest in the new knowledge-based technology and service without knowing how many patients will walk through your door.

What makes us different in the market_
Our service among the competitors is attractive and distinguishing, unlike other vendors who charge an arm and a leg, we are designed to save you money, right from the start.

·       No software fee
·       No training costs
·       No server installation charges
·       No up-gradation fees