Refund/Cancellation Policy:

As a digital agency providing products and services in real-time in an online space, we cannot refund you for the services offered because there is no way to recover these services.

That being said, our customers are important to us, and if you have an issue with our service delivery, we will work with you to find an agreeable solution for both parties.

Cybex Solutions Refund Policy:

Cybex Solutions is a web design and marketing business aiming to provide our clients with the highest internet marketing services. Like all businesses, little need to cover operating expenses associated with providing our services to deliver our services. We want our clients to understand the costs and respect all policies regarding our services. We need to make payments on time regarding the services and any other materials. i.e., content, files, and images to be submitted upon request. All fees collected by Cybex Solutions are non-refundable.

When you hire Cybex Solutions, you are bound by our refund and cancellation policy agreement for web design and marketing services and agree to follow our policies.

Cybex Solutions Web Development:

Web design and development project requirements include extensive resources, including time, research, and incurring internal expenses. Therefore once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. By submitting a deposit payment client agrees to the pricing in the quote. All client-provided material to Cybex Solutions is considered Cybex Solutions property and assumes no return of said materials. Materials include emails, data, images, and or samples of any kind. Cybex Solutions is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced material. If a project is canceled, delayed, or postponed by the CLIENT, all fees will be forfeited and retained by Cybex Solutions. If applicable, an additional cost will be charged to the CLIENT for all work completed beyond the project’s original specifications. No exceptions.

Cybex Solutions Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, & Internet Marketing Services:

All Payments for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, or any of our Internet Marketing services are non-refundable per agreement. Once a payment or deposit is made, no exceptions will be granted to our refund policy, even if fees were paid in advance.

Cybex Solutions Setup Fees:

Setup fees are non-refundable and are applied directly to expenses incurred by Cybex Solutions in the setup phase of any SEO or Internet Marketing campaigns.


We usually ask for CLIENT’s credit card or payment info to charge the CLIENTS card for services provided, OR we may also send an invoice so you can pay from your end. You will be asked to submit your payment at the start of services, and when you submit it, you will be charged fees associated with that service.

If CLIENT causes any chargeback or payment dispute to a bank or credit card company, then CLIENT services and projects will be suspended, and in some cases, all work will be undone (reversed) without notice. Furthermore, the amount of the chargeback fee will be issued to the CLIENT (to recover any costs passed on to us by the credit card company).

In Addition, any outstanding balances accrued as a result of the chargeback(s) will have to be paid in full before we restore service, deliver any files, or commence any work.


Requesting a chargeback or opening a dispute for a reasonable charge from us is fraud. Chargebacks are never a legal or appropriate means of obtaining a refund. Our lawyers will challenge all arguments with sufficient evidence from our records.

Our refund policy for digital marketing services:

We are professionals known for keeping things very straight. We promise only for what we can do. We aim to offer you the best service.

Coming to our refund policy on search engine optimization and other services, there won’t be any refund for cancellation of orders. Again, money won’t return if the project is being worked manually.

Search engine algorithms for page rank and robots keep updating occasionally. No professional marketing company has any control over those changes. So, we cannot guarantee any specific result or refund claims to our clients.

But Cybex Solutions ensures you optimize your websites and other pages per the latest algorithms through updated techniques. We know about search engine optimization tricks and will offer you a noticeable performance of your brand online.

We engage your consumers across the globe for more profitability and efficiency through the digital transformation of your business.

No refund on paid money:

  • The company is not liable to make any refunds on the paid amount.
  • We are not responsible for refunding any other miscellaneous charges, especially for what causes loss to the company.
  • There is no refund or money-back guarantee for the services that have already been delivered. Clients cannot claim the same for any of the transaction charges.
  • Link building is an integral part of SEO, and please provide us with the required information. The company would not be held responsible for any error or failed result due to the incorrect URL. Clients cannot claim funds.
  • If activities of third parties hamper search engine optimization services on your website content, the Cybex Solutions team will not take any responsibility for that.