Video Editing

Cybex Solutions offers the best video editing service that transforms your raw video into a jaw-dropping one!! Welcome to the podium that delivers high-end video editing services.

What do we do with videos_

We modify by fixing, adding effects, organizing, and adding captions and background music. In simple words, we give a whole new life to your videos. We transform your recordings and video clips into a full-fledged A-1 quality film.


Who do we serve_

We deliver our highly professional video-editing services for weddings, traveling, corporate and social media. We are the suppliers of professional videography services in New York, California and other states of America. 

We also warmly welcome Tom, Dick, and Herry; if you have fewer slides and some videos on your phone and want them to look eye-catching and nifty, we can do it with great precision. We will make your mere video look attractive and polished. Just share your videos with us and stay amazed to see our skills in editing videos. We facilitate YouTubers too. It is no biggie to outsource a top-notch video editing company USA for the transformation of your video. 

Cybex Solutions Video editing services_

We deliver optimum video editing services and image-editing services for photo retouching, clipping path, image-masking etc. Besides that, we have the best graphic designers and editors that do ad design, CAD conversions, web design, image conversion, and digital pre-press work. 

Some of the glimpse of our video editing services

Cool and soft transition effects

Transitional effects add beauty to the videos. We add diverse transitions according to the requirements of the projects. With these soft, loud, and cool transition effects the video becomes attention-grabbing.

Screen replacement videos background replacement

We manipulate a video by removing the green screen. Our VFX experts carry out the task precisely. These techniques entirely change the look of the video, clips and movie scenes.

Cutting, cropping and stitching video footage

You tell us what objects you want to remove from your video, and we get it done incredibly. The unwanted parts of the video are edited. By joining various footages new video is formed.

Adding effects

We turn a dull video into an electrifying one. Our skilled graphic designers and video editors add up many visual and audio effects in the video.


Through this technique, we remove the background realistically. We have up-to-the-minute animation tools. Our designers do this task in a very calculated way.

Noise reduction

Without audio, video is nothing but a collection of dumb images. We manage the rise and fall of the audio to maintain a balance. Skilled designers and video editors perfectly remove the extra amount of noise.

Adding voice and different effects on videos

Do you want your dull video into an electrifying one? Our skilled graphic designers and video editors add up many effects in the video. Some of the parts of videos are made blurred, some sharp other effects are optical flares, noise, sparks, reflection, etc.

Rotoscoping for eliminating video background

Through this technique, a background can be removed perfectly. We have up-to-the-minute animation tools we do this task in a very calculated way.

Adding subtitles to the video

Today subtitle is one of the most important parts of any video. It arouses interest and hikes up the acceptance. If you don’t know a foreign language, then the subtitle in the video provides you with a deeper and greater understanding.

Noise reduction

Without audio is nothing but a collection of dumb images. The pitch of audio has to be balanced because an extra amount of noise can be very upsetting and annoying. Through Noise reduction, we lessen the noise and make the video pleasing to hear and watch.

Add title & caption in video

Adding a title to a video enhances its significance, and adds meaning to it. It’s the best way to give an idea to the viewer. We offer title animation services for wedding video clips and presentation videos etc.