Cybex Solutions is delivering strategic Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO services) and solutions to bring value, innovation, and consistent growth to your business. We are a podium to provide business solutions by improving service levels, cost reduction, and helps in integration. 

Our scale of providing BPO Services_

We execute customer services projects with agility and pace to provide them with an outstanding customer services advantage. The sheer motion is to create the maximum benefits for your businessOur expertise to offer Business Process Outsourcing is available from small startups to huge MNCs. Our core emphasis is to outsource sales by cutting down on costs.


So what are all these outsourced services_

Front-office services

These services include marketing where customer interaction is obligatory. It is the process in which you need your BPO staff to interact with clients and consumers directly.

Back-office services

These services are related to the in-house business functions of the company. Moreover, quality assurance, order processing, and payment processing come under this category.

What BPO Services do we have for you_

The quick view of our BPO Services is down there


We offer IT solutions over the internet. For instance

  • Technical Support
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Production Support Analyst


We offer KPO services to handle highly-skilled jobs like:

  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Legal processes
  • Web Design
  • Content Creation


We provide paralegals to work on complex tasks such as:

  • Drafting patent applications
  • Creating legal agreements
  • Performing legal research


We offer RPO services to data-driven companies

  • Data Analytics
  • Investment Research
  • Primary and secondary market study

Timely Monitoring _

BPO services can be a magic wand for your company to streamline your work processes and get more work done for less. Though,  there are a few apprehensions associated with outsourcing that be tailored with strict procedures and advanced monitoring solutions.

We smoothly monitor the performance of your BPO staff. By working consistently on 

Our general BPO Services to revive the business power_

To outsource sales we offer the following BPO services 

Finance & Accounting

Assisting the companies by drawing up the budget, by auditing, providing forecasts, and by providing key financial insights such as: Global market research Investment management Risk & compliance solutions

Human Resources

Outsourcing HR departments to streamline business recruiting issues; we assist companies from scanning resumes to conducting interviews to shortlisting applicants, from certain legal tasks to managing and resolving payroll issues.

Customer Support

As the business expands you need to deal with tons of customers. To ease this we can outsource the headache to professionals by cutting down hiring and training costs.

Data Entry

Why choose a costly medium when things can be made easier and simpler? Now All you need to do is to outsource data entry instead of using a full-time employee.


Our marketing services will just be the ticket for your brand exposure and recognition. Our marketing professionals can analyze the landscape better and devise a winning strategy for your brand.

Our stand out perks of BPO services _
Focus On Core Competencies

By outsourcing your administrative tasks, you can focus on your core business activities. By this, you can concentrate on moving up the value chain and devise marketing strategies for clients.

Cost Savings

This is the main reason why you should cherry-pick us to employ BPO services because we are the ones that can drop down costs of Training Equipment, Tools & Salaries.

Access To Skilled Talent

We are here to connect you by giving you access to one of the most brainy people that are completely focused on their tasks to increase and amplify productivity and efficiency.

Overcome Communication hazards

Not a vain boast but We truly are diligent professionals that have the eligibility to meet issues like Language barriers, Time zone differences, Different levels of feedback within the company.

Data security

We totally understand that Data security is a big concern and it has to be in safe hands, we ensure that your data is not vulnerable to theft or hackers.