Platform Testing

We are Providing platform testing services. Our testers have been performing multi-platform testing for 4-5 years on average. Get a free quote.


Are your apps cross-platform compatible_

Cybexsolutions leveraging testing services are one step ahead because of a reason. We go to any lengths for our customer satisfaction and ease. 

Your software has to be compatible and responsive on different operating systems, gadgets and browsers. Our highly professional platform accessibility testing services detect the performance, functionality, scalability and compatibility of the app then it set to release. 

Platforms where Cybex Testing solutions can be offered_


Our mobile app development services for iOS cover each and every step of functionality, from the primary step till the end that involves concept, methodology of business, and to get the app into App Store Submission and let’s not forget the future-proofing. 


Android is yet another top-selling OS on devices like smartphones and tablets. We have hired brainy heads that look up to the contemporary mobile app development industry trends. We use modern technologies for our projects. 

Windows Platform

 Our testing services go for the Windows platform too. Every aspect is tested and verified. It is checked that your existing version of windows is compatible with apps and apps are functioning properly on the current version of windows. 


Our professional testing medium serves Solaris, we test its diverse hardware configurations, numerous filesystems, different versions of Solaris, and its assimilation with third-party apps. The compatibility is checked, tried and tested!


Hp Ux is an operating system that is used for databases, web servers, and for cluster systems. Cybexsolutions comprehensive platform compatibility testing solutions are carried out for Hp-Ux to ensure its quality and compatibility on different systems. 


Linux is one of the most widely used platforms and operating systems. On all the mega computer podiums Linux is supported. Our testing services are offered to Linux too, its performance is checked, and functionality is tested. 

How platform compatibility testing yields great benefits_

Hiking up user approval

Users prefer that product that undergoes all kinds of tests and comes clean in the end, so only a tried-tested product satisfied the users.


Compatibility testing ensures that your app has fine-tuning and can rest very well on all kinds of operating systems and devices.

Bugs detection

The testing detects deeply and thoroughly the hidden bottlenecks that can disrupt the functionality of the product.

Ready to release

When a product goes through all the aggressive testing processes then it is set to release successfully.

Quality maintenance and protection

Platform testing services make it certain that your product is protected and its quality is maintained even after functioning on various systems and gadgets.

Systematic and transparent approach_

This is how we move step-by-step:

Out Platform Compatibility Testing services include_

Consider us your partner in your project, venture, and business. We will serve you in the following: